Service Summary

As strategic advisors and consultants, 8Nineteen is positioned to develop trusted relationships earlier in the growth lifecycle of companies so that when major liquidity events or growth initiatives develop there will be a more strategic and educated relationship than might have previously been available.

Our goal is to provide an investment banker "on staff" for a period of time in advance of such major events, while also having a resource to help with less major events in the interim. For larger enterprises, there will be a concept of "outsourced corporate development" where we can serve to augment these functions, or provide that function to companies who have not yet developed it internally.



The Advisory is a firm believer in globalization and the innovation and growth that can come from the emerging or developing markets. As such, 8Nineteen will be a valuable resource as companies look toward global expansion and commercial partnering opportunities.

For The Advisory, it is much more about building a long-term partnership for growth and success rather than one-off transaction events. Our specialized advice has developed over multiple decades based upon successful merger and acquisition advisory services coupled with expansive capital markets expertise so that The Advisory can be a valuable resource for CEOs, Boards, Founders and Investors.



8Nineteen's Founder and Managing Partner, Tim Harned, has been providing strategic advice to companies for more than 30 years, having begun his career in the M&A Group of Lehman Brothers in the 1980s. He has been a trusted advisor to clients while at Montgomery Securities, Morgan Stanley, Capstone Partners and AGC Partners and has also served in corporate development roles at The Shelton Companies as well as Farley Industries and for its portfolio companies, including Fruit of the Loom.