Details for the below endorsements, as well as additional specific references, can be provided upon request confidentially.


I believe that 8Nineteen is a great idea and I am thrilled that Tim saw this as the new way to deliver strategic advice. Tim is all about straightforward and honest counsel, with significant experience to back it up. I am a huge supporter and happily endorse his model and provide my best recommendation and reference.
— Founder, Chairman and CEO of Publicly-Traded Software Company
I think that 8Nineteen is a great idea and a disruptor in how strategic advice is delivered. I can’t think of anyone better than Tim Harned in delivering on such a model and I look forward to continuing my relationship with Tim for all of my future business endeavors.
— Co-Founder and Managing Director of Computer Vision Company
When I first met Tim at Morgan Stanley I knew that he had a unique perspective on delivering strategic advice.  8Nineteen is a manifestation of that and I am excited to see his success with The Advisory and look forward to working together well into the future as 8Nineteen is clearly a differentiator in the market.
— Managing Director, Investment Banking
Tim has been of immeasurable value to us, especially when we sold our company. His diligence and insight into the process and interactions was an essential component for us to over-achieve on our objectives.
— Founder and CEO of Mobile Money Company
It was a pleasure to work with an investment banker who cared about doing the right thing, all the time. I was impressed by Tim’s creativity and his detailed involvement throughout the engagement. He embodied senior commitment and earned respect from all parties involved. It will be a pleasure to work with Tim again.
— California-based Business and M&A Attorney
The 8Nineteen model is what advisory services should be and that is delivering with senior attention, global perspective and transparent and honest advice; that is what Tim Harned is all about and that is what 8Nineteen delivers.
— General Manager, Mobile Commerce Company